Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

Adequate funding, equitable representation, and appropriate schedules.

In Clovis, we believe in nurturing the mind, body and spirit of all of our students. Strong VAPA programs promote higher level thinking skills in students and encourage them to take risks in learning. By unionizing with ACE, VAPA Educators will have a real voice in determining issues to prioritize in our first union contract that can make meaningful change for students. In our conversations with VAPA leaders around CUSD, we’ve identified the following issues thus far:

  • Adequate VAPA program funding so educators don’t have to constantly fundraise for materials and supplies.
  • Equitable representation for all of the subsets of VAPA: dance, junior high drama, elementary music, ceramics photography, and more.
  • Appropriate and equitable schedules to support elementary VAPA teachers with ample driving time and lunch breaks

Examples of what VAPA educators have won through their unions

  1. Professional learning communities for VAPA educators to meet and collaborate during the workday to enhance instructional practices for all students.
  2. Preparation periods and stipends for VAPA educators to be compensated for their extra work outside of the normal duty day such as concerts, performances, etc.
  3. A real commitment from districts to adequately fund our visual and performing arts programs, including supplies and materials, as an integral part of a balanced education for all our students.

We look forward to making similar improvements in Clovis.

“The only thing that protected the VAPA teachers from the whims of administration is being protected by our union since we don’t fit within the parameters of other teachers. Especially itinerant teachers or those that cover “preps”. An art show can take over 40+ hours outside of contract hours. We bargained for and won a stipend of $500 for a show that we were required to do. We will advocate for more. VAPA requirements change yearly and are often unrealistic. We have gone from 5 classes of 1 hour per day to 10 classes of 30 minutes each, serving 3 schools to serving 8 schools. We have moved every trimester our entire classroom and expected not to miss teaching our classes or do “make-ups” when there has been a holiday. Truly, VAPA is valuable for a well-rounded education and often our students’ highlight of the week. Being in a union has ensured our voices as VAPA teachers are respected and our rights protected.” — Naqiba Gregory, VAPA Teacher, Grades 1-8, West Sacramento Teachers Association

Related FAQs

Why are Clovis Educators unionizing?

Clovis unified educators are unionizing to ensure a strong voice in decisions that impact our students, schools, and professions. By establishing the Association of Clovis Educators, we can negotiate a union contract that can ensure that Clovis educators have a meaningful say in decisions that impact our classrooms, improve pay and benefits, help cut down on turnover, address work/life balance and establish job security. Having a strong voice in decisions is critical when decisions are being made about the health and welfare of our students, colleagues and school communities. Together, we can ensure Clovis Unified prioritizes people over programs.