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6/8 ACE Newsletter

Enjoy your summer break! And, even over the summer… If you want to learn more, reach out to an ACE member or email us at

6/1 ACE Newsletter

Last week we announced (and the news reported) that ACE and CUSD have reached an agreement in bargaining. What does that mean? View the tentative agreement. View the entire newsletter (PDF)

5/25 ACE Newsletter

We did it! View the entire newsletter (PDF).

5/18: ACE Newsletter

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This topic holds particular importance for students as it shines a spotlight on the vital importance of emotional well-being within educational environments. View the entire newsletter (PDF).

5/11 ACE Newsletter

CUSD has historically claimed that their relatively high budget reserve levels allowed them to avoid layoffs during the Great Recession. This isn’t supported by the facts.​ View the entire newsletter (PDF).

5/4 ACE Newsletter

On May 1st, ACE met with the District Executive Cabinet in one of our regularly scheduled meetings. In our opinion, the meeting was the most positive, direct, and productive conversation we’ve had together. View the entire newsletter (PDF).

4/27 ACE Newsletter

Over the past year, the ACE Bargaining Team has tirelessly worked on negotiating a contract with the district to secure the resources our students – who are facing an unprecedented mental health crisis – need and deserve. View the entire newsletter (PDF).

4/20 ACE Newsletter

Our Spring Update continues with part two, looking at another factor that speaks volumes about how the district prioritizes money: the budget reserves. The district has claimed that due to a lack of funding, paying Clovis educators a competitive salary wasn’t possible. There’s one major problem with that claim: the district has continued to stash […]

4/13 ACE Newsletter

For our Spring Update, we look at how Clovis receives less per-pupil funding than most school districts, and how all but one district somehow manages to pay their employees more than us, even after our raises this year. View the entire newsletter (PDF).

3/30 ACE Newsletter

On Friday, March 24th, ACE filed Unfair Practice Charges (UPCs) with the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) against CUSD regarding Admin’s failure to bargain in good faith with School Psychologist and MHSPs. The charges will not delay bargaining and we can move toward an agreement while the charges are being processed. View the entire newsletter […]