ACE Needs Assessment Update

In the spring of last school year, the ACE organizing committee launched a Needs Assessment to collect input from Clovis educators across CUSD on issues they are concerned about. With the new school year and the many challenges of returning to in-person instruction, the period to complete the Needs Assessment was extended. The results from hundreds of Clovis educators who completed the Needs Assessment and who attended follow-up conversations resulted in six major issues identified that need to be addressed:

  1. more instructional assistants and support staff;
  2. expand planning & collaboration time;
  3. more substitute coverage;
  4. extend Covid sick leave;
  5. improve stipends and
  6. plan to improve class sizes & case loads.

Given that CUSD has been amassing millions of dollars in reserves over many years, these issues can be addressed.

View the full update (PDF).