How ACE Really Gets Stuff Done

From our recent email communications:

“As you may have heard, Special Education SDC teachers at CUSD’s Adult Transition Program (ATP) recently won a stipend for working through their prep period. This is an important victory [that ACE leaders pushed for]. The extra period stipend we won provides great additional support to our colleagues and will help us reduce teacher turnover. This in turn will help us better support our young adult students who are 18-22 years old and in need of our critical special education services.

​Unfortunately, last Friday [Oct. 8], Faculty Senate’s “Weekly Wrap Up” listed a group of individuals they claimed “advocated diligently” for this stipend. To our knowledge, these people were not involved at all in advocating for our stipend. At no point did we receive any communication from any of them regarding our concerns about our stipend. As educators, it is important we are factual, transparent, and correct blatant dishonesty when it occurs.

View the entire email communication (PDF).