What will be our relationship to the California Teachers Association (CTA) and the National Education Association (NEA)?

ACE will be composed of educators from all the schools in our district and will be led by Clovis educators elected by our Clovis colleagues. We will democratically make decisions about our goals, mission, and day to day focus.

We will be affiliated with CTA (the largest statewide education union in California) and NEA (the largest national education union in the US). CTA and NEA are comprised of local unions across CA (like Fresno Teachers Association and Madera Unified Teachers Association) and state affiliates across the nation, respectively. They are led by educators who are elected and provide support for local unions, including staff and legal support, training, and a wide range of benefits. They also help support educators and students by advocating for school funding and supporting legislation that supports and strengthens our public schools.

Our goals in Clovis will be determined by Clovis educators and we will have input into the goals of CTA and NEA.

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