Letter to All Clovis Educators

From our recent email communications:

“Dear Colleagues,

Over the past year, ACE has worked to build a strong and independent union that has the power, resources, and skills to support Clovis educators and help our students and staff thrive. We are proud of the progress we’ve made, and the community we’ve built.

Creating a successful member-led union takes time and energy. This process is not an overnight project created with a single email; our team is extensive and deeply rooted in its foundations, supported by many committees, and driven by hard-working and dedicated Clovis educators…

That’s why we are concerned about the recent announcement of yet another “employee organization” being formed as an alternative to ACE. Recently, we’ve been presented with the Faculty Senate, Clovis Teachers for Clovis, the Clovis Teachers Organization and now, ICUE, as the solution—by many of the same people. We are happy to see agreement that Clovis educators need a union, but this cavalier approach by ICUE is too risky with so much at stake…

With 2022 fast approaching, there is still more work required to build a strong, inclusive educator union here in Clovis. In the new year, we look forward to expanding our leadership team and involving more educators from all sites to contribute to this important work. We invite you to help lead ACE—and to do your research into ICUE and GRT. Our students and educators are too important to take this lightly.”


The ACE Organizing Committee

View the entire email communication (PDF).