The ACE Difference

Clovis educators are coming together with a shared vision to protect and implement the ideals built into the foundation of Clovis Unified. We are building ACE to address the growing disconnect between educators and administrators. We are here to work together for our students, our fellow educators, and our Clovis community.  We are all unique and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our profession, and we are united in our dedication to our students and to our community.

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Protect and preserve the Clovis Way

Doc Buchanan explained, “I thought that the real power should be in the classroom and that support should be given to the classroom and not the superstructure. I wanted to create an environment that would support the genius in every person.”

​From the very beginning, Clovis Unified was built on a strong ideal to put people, not programs first. We believe educators’ voices and experience should be included when making decisions that impact our students and our schools. We are united to uphold and strengthen these founding principles.

Address issues in Clovis Unified that affect our students and fellow educators

In the years since Doc left the district, power has inevitably shifted away from the classroom, and, today, we have become a fully realized top-down organization. When educators’ voices are left out of key decisions, it harms our students and our community. Classes become massive as we struggle to provide the individual attention every student deserves. Educators’ input on programs and curriculum in our district goes unheard. This is an unacceptable reality for us.

​Ensure Educators have a meaningful seat at the table

Unionization is our way to leverage our power as a collective voice. Faculty Senate is an organization staffed with good, committed people that have worked tirelessly to represent teachers. However, they do not have the power to negotiate or enforce our contract. Unfortunately, all the power is held by the “superstructure,” and efforts from Faculty Senators often end in frustration. Unionization provides educator representatives with the power to become true partners in the district.

Bring our shared vision for the future to Clovis Unified

We have the collective power to bring meaningful and impactful change to Clovis Unified. We believe our future with ACE includes:

  • Improved partnership between educators and administration.
  • Educators’ voices included and respected when decisions are made about classrooms and curriculum.
  • Better classroom conditions to ensure that every student receives the attention and education they deserve.
  • Compensation and benefits that reflect educators’ roles in our community and keeps Clovis Unified competitive with similar school districts. View Flyer
  • More planning time so that educators can bring our best ideas into our classrooms.

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