Frequently asked questions about ACE.

Does administration want us to Unionize? Many district administrators would prefer that educators not unionize. Without a union, administration can make all decisions unilaterally. When educators unionize, educators must be part of that process. However, some school site administrators and principals understand that when educators unionize, we can help bring more resources to the classroom–which is a good thing.

Is it possible that improvements we win through Unionizing could harm students? ​No. When we negotiate our union contract, we will look at Clovis finances in detail. All of them. We will make decisions about our goals and weigh the pros and cons. We have not talked with any Clovis educators who are interested in winning improvements that would harm our students in any way. Rather, we […]

Will we lose current benefits, like Micare, by Unionizing? ​No. The best way to protect what currently works in Clovis is to unionize. Once we are union, changes can’t be made without negotiating with us. If we want to protect—or even improve our benefits—we can prioritize that in negotiations. The reality is that, right now, administration can make unilateral decisions about changes. Once we […]

How do we bargain our first Union Contract? Once we have built strong majority support, submitted our union support petitions to PERB and been recognized as a union, administration is legally obligated to negotiate with our ACE negotiating team in good faith. This means administration can no longer make unilateral changes to working conditions without negotiating with us. At this point in the […]

What is the process for Unionizing? California public school educators unionize by demonstrating that a majority of their colleagues support unionization by signing a union support petition. Hundreds of thousands of educators across California have unionized over the years in this democratic and legally protected fashion. This unionization process is overseen by the Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) which is a […]

What have other Public-School Educators accomplished by Unionizing? By unionizing, educators have won big improvements in working conditions and a greater say in decisions at their schools. Some examples of these improvements include: Voice in Decisions that Impact our Classrooms: Many educators have won a greater role in decisions about health and safety, educational programs, class sizes, student support, professional development as well […]

Are most California Educators Union? Yes. Over 92% of educators at California traditional public schools are union. Thousands of educators at charter schools have also unionized in recent years. Approximately 30% of those schools are currently unionized.

Why are Clovis Educators unionizing? Clovis unified educators are unionizing to ensure a strong voice in decisions that impact our students, schools, and professions. By establishing the Association of Clovis Educators, we can negotiate a union contract that can ensure that Clovis educators have a meaningful say in decisions that impact our classrooms, improve pay and benefits, help cut down […]